Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SICAA 2008 Homecoming Logo

mc_sicaa of sicaa_communications following the discussions of the SICAA Executive Board has come up with the design of the 2008 SICAA Homecoming Logo. The basic design complies with the emblem colors specified in the SICAA Constitution namely green, maroon and red. The Crusader on a galloping horse with a lance remains its main element. The new element in the logo are the composite drawing of the earth combining the Asian Continent at the East and the American Continent at the West depicting the 24/7 global linkage of Ildefonsians in 2008 made possible by the founding of Sicaa_communication on January 2, 2008. The wording on the Logo is SICAA WORLD 1948 2008. 2008 is used because that was the year when the First Class graduated at San Ildefonso College after the High School was founded in 1947. The Logo will be used in banners, invitations, tags, T-shirts, caps and other items.

Two types of T-shirts will be produced:
a. Rubberized Prints
b. Silk Screen Prints.

To obtain the best quality at the lowest price, we are having them produced in bulk.
For this purpose we urge all Batches to confirm by email to mc_sicaa@yahoo.com the number, type and sizes of their I shirt requirements.

Colors of T Shirts Recommended

Batch 1948 White or Silver (Grey) Diamond Anniversary
Batch 1953 Emerald Green Emerald Anniversary
Batch 1958 Gold or Yellow Gold Anniversary
Batch 1963 Sapphire Red Sapphire Anniversary
Batch 1968 Ruby Red Ruby Anniversary
Batch 1973 Jade Grenn Jade Anniversary
Batch 1978 Pearl Yellow Pearl Anniversary
Batch 1983 Silver Silver Anniversary
Batch 1988 Emerald Green Platinum Anniversary
Batch 1993 Ruby Red Ruby Anniversary
Batch 1998 Grey Tin Anniversary
Batch 2003 Turquoise Green Turquoise Anniversary

The colors above are conventional recommendations.

Other Basic T Shirt Colors are


The colors of the Logo may change based on the color of the T Shirt.

This is an initial survey of the number, colors and sizes of T shirts required. Sizes are preferred to be specified by shoulder to shoulder measurements. Please respond immediately so the production can start soonest. Photos of sample T shirts in different colors will be posted shortly.

Thank you.

Arch Freddie B. Alfonso
Chairman of the SICAA Membership Committee

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