Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All S.I.C. H.S. Classes and Batches.......2GETHER

In this actual photo, each Class and Batch of the High School Alumni of San Ildefonso College is represented by a concrete building block. Together or "2GETHER" they, or we form a pyramid that continuously grows every year as a New Batch graduates. It is also symbolic of the strength and ability of alumni to support the "REBUILD S.I.C. PROJECT" of San Ildefonso College spearheaded by the energetic Monsignor Peter C. Canonero and the School Administration in cooperation with the San Ildefonso College Alumni Association.This is a rare opportunity for all Alumni to be part, in whatever and however way, of this historic project for San Ildefonso College, our Alma Mater to renew herself through the combined efforts of her sons and daughters ....2GEHTHER=)

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