Saturday, January 10, 2009


"SICAA Rocks" is the Greeting of Friendster ZHY of SIC HS Batch 2006, a young member of the New Sicaa_Friendster when he rejoined after the original account was hacked. All the members of the old sicaa_friendster account are now adding the new site before the connection to the old site wll be deleted at the same time to help ensure that the there are no Ildefonsians left behind. The sicaa_friendster has been the fastest growing site of sicaa and had been the primary source of photographs for the SICAA WORLD Video Series Project. We are extending extra efforts to increase security against hackers one of which is a rationalized updating of passwords.

So if you have a friendster account, or decide to open one, add the email address of sicaa_friendster. Because SICAA ROCKS !

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